Using a State of the Art, High Powered HD Video Microscope enhanced by a Fiber Optic connection to an LCD Monitor, SEE the World of Your Blood, alive and moving.

What is the value of Live Blood Viewing?
Your Health is Expressed in Your Blood. If your Blood is unhealthy, you cannot be healthy.
See and understand your life's blood like never before possible.

What can I See?
You will see with your own eyes, on the monitor, your own blood highly magnified. This will appear as the Moving Aliveness that your blood is. You will see and understand your level of vitality or why your less then vital. A key to your vitality is comprised of the balance between all of your bloods components. The following is a list of some of the parts you will see; Red Blood Cells, showing your Iron, Hemoglobin and Oxygen or Anemia levels, White blood cells, your immune system in live action, eating up the bad Bacteria, Parasites, Candida and undigested protein, the health of Platelets, Cholesterol, Fats, Triglycerides, Liver stress, and Free Radical Damage. You will begin to gain deeper understanding of what your health is NOW and how you can apply your newly gained knowledge. You will receive information allowing you to transform your own understanding and health. You will then enjoy maximum gains in health & life performance.

What is meant by the term " Terrain” and how does it relate to Blood.
The term “terrain” was coined by French physiologist Claude Bernard in the 19th century, who used the term for the body’s internal environment. Since the body comprises mostly water, the terrain of the body is in essence an aqueous medium. This includes the blood, lymph and the fluids inside of and between the cells.
The state of the terrain is determined by four factors, namely: its acid/alkaline balance; its electric/magnetic charge; its level of poisoning and its nutritional status (including oxygenation). These different states are identifiable from viewing Live Blood.

The condition of the terrain is absolutely central to the balance between health and disease. We can easily understand the notion that unhealthy soil will yield unhealthy, disease ridden plants, while healthy soil will produce strong, healthy plants.

The same concept applies when we look at the terrain of the body: if it is balanced it will promote health and if it is unbalanced it will lead to disease.

With Live Blood Microscopy, you will see, with your own eyes in real time the health of your life's blood.


Biological Terrain Education Station

Understand your Biological Terrain by using FLOW SYSTEMS AUDITING -

Using "Tried and True" scientific principles, to understand your bodies natural ecosystems.

 FLOW SYSTEMS AUDITING uses standardized Laboratory equipment to test and measure your core homeostatic balances, to answer questions like;

What are the true pH level in each of the different bodily systems?

 Do I actually need antioxidants , and if so, which type?

Does my body tend to burn carbohydrates or fats more efficiently? 


These questions are answered by merging the scientific principles of Claude Vincent, Carey Reams, Emanuel Revici, George Watson, Thomas Riddick and others into a powerful health feedback methodology.