Eric Weiss is my Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and has been so helpful to me with a number of long-term health issues. He is kind and insightful, with a wide range of tools in his bag besides TCM. He also gives me a lot of time, space and respect, which is very healing in itself, something that is hard to find with most stressed-out doctors these days. He treats me like a person, not just a bag of health issues!

He and his wife and assistant, Kazuyo, are always very gentle and supportive.

His training is from 10 generations of TCM Doctors in China, so he practices in a way I find very subtle and effective, his knowledge being both deep, wide and far-seeing. Yet he is very down-to-earth and approachable. He warmly understands what it is to be a human being.

I’ve spoken to some of his other clients and found they have had the same experience as me. In fact, that is how I ended up going to him, due to their high recommendation. He helps me stay well and strong!

Gabrielle - Edmonton, Ab.