Eric Weiss is my Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and has been so helpful to me with a number of long-term health issues. He is kind and insightful, with a wide range of tools in his bag besides TCM. He also gives me a lot of time, space and respect, which is very healing in itself, something that is hard to find with most stressed-out doctors these days. He treats me like a person, not just a bag of health issues!

He and his wife and assistant, Kazuyo, are always very gentle and supportive.

His training is from 10 generations of TCM Doctors in China, so he practices in a way I find very subtle and effective, his knowledge being both deep, wide and far-seeing. Yet he is very down-to-earth and approachable. He warmly understands what it is to be a human being.

I’ve spoken to some of his other clients and found they have had the same experience as me. In fact, that is how I ended up going to him, due to their high recommendation. He helps me stay well and strong!

Gabrielle - Edmonton, Ab.

"Very knowledgeable about general health and wellness, helpful and friendly. The acupuncture especially relieves my chronic pains, highly recommend."
- David Vadon

"I am blessed to be Eric Weiss patient for over 10 years now. He is helping and supporting my body and hole system with his amazing care and knowledge in Eastern and Western medicine. There where numerous incidents alredy he could help me, as a carpenter, dealing with injuries and pain. He is my Doctor ever since, and I deeply know to trust and recommend him in everything what's coming up."
- Andreas

"Really enjoy the combination of acupuncture, mineral heat lamps and oxygen. It let's my body come to rest and the energies can balance themselves. It's always refreshing on a deeper level to have a session with Dr. Eric."
- Creative Jens

"I've been seeing Dr. Eric Weiss since April 2013. I was 50LBS underweight and wasting away to my death from a fungal issue that doctors would not treat. Dr. Weiss welcomed me with open arms and the most courteous of professionalism, using a wide array of effective natural medicines and a comprehensive understanding on how they work with an individuals body.
Not only does his methods include a treatment that considered all aspects of life and health, Dr. Weiss also teaches his patients and new way to live and function. I always left functioning noticeably better after each appointment, but overall, I'm able to thrive as a human in life. It feels nice to be able to enjoy all the fruits life has to offer and I thank Dr. Eric Weiss for every bit of assistance he provided to get me here.
Because I had so much success with Chinese medicine and Dr. Weiss, I chose to dedicate my entire life to the practice. I am currently going to school as a natural health practitioner and I hope to work my way up to the level of expertise that Dr. Weiss holds."
- Ian Porret

" Thank you Mr. Eric Weiss for making me healthy again!!! Visit this very wise man! He is, I believe, the best in his trade when it comes to alternative medicine! He made me walk again in one visit, when I walked in like a 100 year old man! I was not able to walk by myself that day and I walked out like a little kid, almost dancing, because I was so happy!
I was also injured with a ruptured Achilles, which happened end of October 2017. I had surgery on November 1st and was told that I will be off work for about 6 month. He was o e of the amazing people around me, who helped me through this difficult time. I was back in my truck, driving, taking care of my jobs after just under 4 month! Today I'm back to almost full strength in my food and he started helping me to get better with acupuncture to help get rid of scar tissue. I also get a mixture of roots in liquid form (which by the way tastes awful, but you get used to it pretty quickly!), which helps to clean out your whole body of toxins and cleans your blood! You will feel a huge difference in overall health and energy.
I was badly depressed during my injury and I got through this thanks to Eric and other amazing people around me and family & friend from back home in Germany! Thank you 🍁, 🇩🇪 and the whole 🗺 for being good to me and helping me! MUCH LOVE FROM THE IMPECCABLES OF THE CITY! ❤️💚🖤❤️💚🖤❤️💚🖤❤️💚🖤❤️💚🖤❤️💚🖤"
- Impeccable Interiors

" I have a wonderful experience every time I go.
Eric & Kazuyo are a warm, lovely couple, who provide an excellent healing experience.
For over 6 months I have been going for weekly treatment sessions. Now, my body is healing so I'm going every other week. Dr. Eric has helped me balance my system so it can heal itself. And he is helping me strengthen & build. After the blood analysis, it shocked me how it shows so much.
I really like the fact that Eric does more than one healing modality in one visit. Helps to cover many areas in an hour session. I feel great after. Recharged.
Dr. Eric has concern for all of his patients. His compassion for life is very prevalent. His calm & gentle ways make the experience warm and welcoming. He's very knowledge & he has helped many people with his knowledge! I am blessed to have him in my life.
On another note: I saw the review that Sam wrote about the security cameras.... It's too bad that Sam doesn't understand that some practitioners who care for their patients go this extra mile.
I respect any business owner that puts in cameras to better the service they offer.
When I was watched through the camera/monitor. I felt cared for. Protected. I felt I could relax & sink into meditation.
Not only that, but most importantly.... It's a life saving element!! We do have steel needles poked into our muscles. What if, while laying there, I have a seisure & I couldn't get to the bell, that's available to ring? Or if a fatal freak thing happened? I know Eric would feel so bad if anything like that happened.
With the camera installed, he's able to be right there if he sees patients in distress. I like the fact that I was watched, attentively. I think he should put it back up. 👍"
- Leanne Sekora